CRM is the necessity of every modern business, and when it comes to the leading cloud platform provider- Salesforce, there are two highly beneficial openings. The Salesforce sales cloud and the Salesforce service cloud are the top rankers and two main clouds of Salesforce. Both sales and service cloud have generic similarities in the same parent, but their functional differences earn them distinctive features. Before implementing the Salesforce solution in an organization, it is crucial to decide about the right cloud from Salesforce. Let us help you know all about sales and service cloud in detail, including a brief introduction, benefits, and the key functional differences.

As evident from the name itself, Salesforce sales cloud is concentrated on sales-related features like potential lead generation, opportunities, and increased sales. It can be used by both sales representatives and the company’s sales managers. Some of the key features of sales cloud by Salesforce include:

  • Quick work process approvals: It is easy for businesses to create quick work processes and get them approved. The visual workflow facilitates quick formulation and understanding.
  • Reports: It is easy for companies to understand the success and weaknesses of using the sales cloud reports. The quick access to the dashboard and reports ensures that data back all key decisions.
  • Lead management helps businesses keep a dedicated track of the potential and important leads on one platform. It is possible to add personalized campaigns ideal for fetching customer engagement.
  • Email to the case: It quickly sends a system-generated email to the case entries for future references. Hence, email to the case is an additional record management feature for customers.
  • Contact and account management: It is possible to manage all contacts, business accounts, and other details on a sales cloud platform. Hence, no need to juggle between data at different locations.
  • Mobile optimization: The sales team can use the sales cloud on mobile. It offers work opportunities visualization, reports analysis, and log call management.

Benefits of Salesforce Sales Cloud

The main advantages of Salesforce sales cloud can be understood in the following ways:

For Sales Representatives:

  • It offers multi-channel communication with customers, including email, customer service portal, and social media.
  • The sales cloud AI offers structured, systematic, and convenient customer management.
  • The progressive implementation saves contact and account information.
  • It helps sales representatives manage large-scale automation capacities.
  • It helps quickly manage pricing data, draft contracts, maintain customer records, etc.

For Sales Managers:

  • It helps create a customized sales strategy.
  • It offers dedicated features only to assess and monitor all sales representatives in one system.
  • The performance data from the sales cloud can highlight the strengths and weaknesses of sales representatives.
  • It helps managers enhance team performance.
  • There are no issues like disconnected teams or processes.

It helps sales managers align their initiatives with marketing.

What is Salesforce Service Cloud?

It is related to the services and cases of the business and helps businesses in quick services selling. Some of the key features of service cloud by Salesforce include:

  • Customer service: All the dedicated customer services can be offered using service cloud-only. It gives a single channel for communication to customers that make the process hassle-free.
  • Chat services: It offers live assistants for dedicated chat services. Online customer assistance can be offered on multiple products and services.
  • Knowledge base offers improved issue resolution that helps service agents get quick answers to reduce customer query time. Further, it helps managers train agents quickly.
  • Service console: The customers can use the service console to connect with experts and solve their queries quickly.

Benefits of Salesforce Service Cloud

The main advantages of Salesforce sales cloud include:

  • It offers quick and effective customer management.
  • It positively impacts the customer retention rate of the organization.
  • It can manage and generate a knowledge base for companies that are helpful for service agents. Further, it becomes easy to train new service agents using this knowledge base.
  • The response time of agents using the service cloud is reduced, and hence high levels of customer satisfaction are achieved.
  • The service managers can use it to handle the service representatives.

Functional Difference between Salesforce Sales & Service Cloud

After knowing the basics about sales and service cloud, let us move to the main functional differences. Before jumping to the differences, the main overlaps between the two are accounts, contacts, and basic case management features. These are the basic features that are prominent in both sales and service cloud of Salesforce. Let us now have a clear differentiation between sales and service cloud.

It is the sales module of Salesforce cloud solution.

It is the service module of Salesforce cloud solution.

It can handle end-to-end sales process.

It is ideal for current, past, and future service requests of clients in different streams like product, billing, or other services.

Sales Cloud key features are:

  • Auto-response rules
  • Lead capturing
  • Work process approvals
  • Sales forecasting
  • Sales contracts
  • Opportunity splits

Service Cloud key features are:

  • Self-Service portal
  • Customer service automation
  • Call center management
  • Field services
  • Service analytics
  • Service console

It is widely used by sales-centric businesses for managing their sales operations.

It is widely used by service-centric businesses for managing their customers’ service related needs.

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