We are thrilled to announce the launch of Salesforce Accelerate Grow Cohort 11! We have several seasoned Salesforce partners who have joined us on this journey, and who are excited to grow their AppExchange business.

Salesforce Accelerate Grow is the AppExchange accelerator program for app entrepreneurs who want to scale and grow their business in the Salesforce ecosystem. The program is designed to helpAppExchange partners increase revenue run-rates and improve operational efficiency by driving strategic alignment and providing access to key Salesforce advisors and mentors.


Cohort 11 will help our partners align with Salesforce Industries by providing participants with the tools, resources and coaching to effectively position and deliver their solution for a targeted industry. The partners selected for the program will focus on developing their go-to-market strategy across Financial Services, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Retail, and Public Sector.

Partners were selected for their desire to strategically align with Salesforce, their high potential for growth, and their desire to participate in the program.

The Salesforce ISV Program is the gold standard for SaaS partner programs and we’re excited to supercharge our partnership through the Accelerate Grow Program.” – Matt Rausenberger VP Partner Alliances, Swrve

While many startups run into trouble within their first few years (and 21.5% of startups fail within their first year*), these partners have beat the odds and have thriving businesses.

But what makes them so successful? To kick off this cohort, we asked our cohort members to share why they chose to join this program, and what they have learned in the time it has taken to get to their first $500k.

Their growth boiled down to 2 main things: target an industry vertical to accelerate growth, and be focused on your customers.

You can’t always win them all but, the more laser-focused you are, the deeper you can dive into that industry, and the more you can accelerate your growth. Many of our Cohort 11 partners have seen success by focusing on a particular industry. This is why they have opted to align with Salesforce Industries over the course of our 9-week Salesforce Accelerate program.

“Dot Compliance is 100% focused on the HLS industries, and together with Salesforce, we are able to handle the industry’s unique and fast-paced needs – streamlining processes and enabling collaboration across entire ecosystems. Together we can help get new products into market faster and safer, and help turn valuable data into actionable insights” – Gal Haselkorn, VP Sales and Business Development, Dot Compliance

Some of these partners have historically had a horizontal approach. However, to scale in the next part of their business, they see a vertical focus as key to driving more revenue and industry credibility.

The program is divided into 4 units: Strategic Alignment, Positioning & Messaging, Operational Excellence, and GTM strategy to support their continued Salesforce Industry success.

“We believe a tighter alignment with Salesforce will enable us to increase the growth of our sales.” – Joshua Millsapps, CEO, Millsapps, Ballinger & Associates

Our Cohort 11 companies are all about their customers, and rightfully so! When you are building your business, customers are essential to validate your business model, and generating much-needed revenue to fuel your initial operations.

Some of the greatest customers can also become your greatest champions as well, and champion customers will lead to lucrative partnerships. Our Salesforce Accelerate Partners are a prime example!

But while being customer-centric is an important part of their partner success, the customer is not king. In fact, sometimes they may not even be the right customer!

As you move along with your AppExchange Journey just remember that you are not alone. Salesforce is chock-full of resources for our partner success, as well as an amazing community. Learning from other partners’ experience, such as our Cohort 11 participants can support you on your journey.

Building a successful ISV business takes time and success does not come overnight. Keep learning, and expanding your Salesforce network, and you will be there in no time.

A partnership with Salesforce and success with Salesforce AppExchange can take many different forms. No partner journey is alike, but it is empowered by the insights that our partners share with one another.

To learn more about our Salesforce Accelerate Grow Cohort 11 partners and their solutions, click on the links below to check out their AppExchange listing and targeted industry.

Team Viewer ‘s integration on Salesforce makes it easy to create and join remote support sessionsright from your Salesforce Sales Cloud™ and Salesforce Service Cloud™. Main highlights of the integrated product: Cross-Platform Support, Advanced Reporting, Real-Time Notifications, One-Click Remote Scripts, and Augmented Reality Powered Support.

XCD HR is a Global Employee HR solution in use in 36 countries across the globe. The only native salesforce app that offers payroll in the UK.

Riva International is a leader in Data Operations, focused primarily in intelligent synchronization between email, calendar & contacts, and the adjacent CRM.

Fusion Risk Management is the foundation in operational resilience. We provide easy, visual, and interactive ways to analyze every aspect of your business so you can identify points of friction, single points of failure, key risks, and the exact actions you need to take next to mitigate impact.

Groove is the leading sales engagement platform for enterprises using Salesforce, specializing in ease-of-use, ease-of-administration, and cross-team collaboration. Built for the needs of full-cycle sellers, Groove automates non-sales activities so that reps can spend more time building relationships and generating revenue. Groove’s Salesforce-native architecture ensures more accurate reporting and forecasting, lower compliance risk with global privacy laws, and streamlined administration.

Imprivata FairWarning for Cloud Solutions is purpose-built to translate Shield: Event Monitoring data in real-time to help you mitigate security risks with alerts on any of your Salesforce users acting in any way that could hurt your business.

ScreenMeet delivers better real-time online experiences, with easy, secure, and reliable voice and video calls, chat, cobrowsing, and remote support. ScreenMeet customers around the world use it to drive best-in-class customer, employee, remote work, and remote support experiences.

Veruna Inc. empowers independent agents and brokers to KNOW their business in order to GROW their business. Providing actionable insights through the #1 CRM Salesforce.com platform, Veruna in an AMS/CRM technology stack that empowers agents and brokers to sell more and retain better; customizable, configurable with agency-necessary download and Acord form capability for agents and brokers to innovate to their competitive advantages.

Dot Compliance offers the industry’s first ready to use Quality Management Solution. Dot Compliance solutions include an extensive set of off-the-shelf ready eQMS and compliance pre-configured processes that include full project validation services and product validation packages. Introducing a true eQMS paradigm shift, Dot Compliance offers the industry’s most cost-effective quality and compliance management solution available, allowing HLS customers to quickly deploy flexible and scalable solutions.

Axtria is a global provider of cloud software and data analytics to the Life Sciences industry. We help Life Sciences companies transform the product commercialization journey to drive sales growth and improve healthcare outcomes for patients. Axtria partners with leading life sciences companies to deliver improved health solutions by seamlessly interweaving information, analytics, and technology – all on the cloud.

Millsapps, Ballinger & Associates ‘ ExAM helps our customer collect better data for inspections, compliance and forms based used cases in order to support better decision making and business process execution.

RevCult ‘s Cloud Security Cockpit® is the only solution for Salesforce that helps you find AND fixyour security weaknesses. RevCult helps protect sensitive data in the most highly regulated and fast-paced industries, with tooling that’s native to Salesforce. As your business grows and changes on the platform, we’ll help you protect your brand, comply with regulations & unleash the full potential of Salesforce to grow your business.

Swrve is the leading marketing and customer experience platform for mobile, web, and TV, helping leading enterprises connect with their mobile-first customers to create lasting and valuable relationships. World leading brands such as Verizon, Sony Pictures, Riot Games, Telefónica, Sling and NBC, use Swrve to identify, predict, and anticipate the needs of customers with real-time behavioral data. Our platform is integrated with both Salesforce Marketing Cloud Journey Builder and Service Cloud Process Builder.

Clairiti’s industry leading permitting and licensing software is trusted by state and local governments across North America to simplify and expedite processes and approvals. Clariti drives automations and streamlines operations to save money, meet application demands, satisfy regulatory compliance, and achieve remarkable results.

Atamis is a leading UK procurement software provider, supporting over 200 clients across the public and private sector to maximize productivity and increase efficiency throughout the strategic sourcing cycle.

Launchpad is a suite of purpose-built applications, designed to help public-sector and nonprofit organizations deliver impact and improve client experience across workforce development and human services. Our suite includes modules for intake and assessment, case management, grant management, learning management, providers and referrals, self service portals and analytics.

Phrasee is an AI-powered SaaS platform that revolutionizes customer experiences through Brand Language Optimization. Phrasee helps visionary enterprises enhance and personalize their customer experiences by optimizing the language they use across the full customer journey and spectrum of digital brand channels.

Attentive Discover a new performance marketing channel built for leading businesses. Make personalized mobile messaging one of your top 3 revenue sources in just 3 months.

Vertex Inc. offers 7 different integrations for Salesforce spanning across Sales, Revenue and Commerce Cloud. Vertex products work to streamline, automate, and standardize tax calculations on every sales transaction. Vertex runs on the most advanced calculation and returns software platform in the industry to reduce time and effort to perform sales and use tax calculations.

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