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Salesforce Chief Marketing Officer Stephanie Buscemi is leaving the company.

According to a Salesforce spokesperson, Buscemi will be replaced by Sarah Franklin, who most recently was Salesforce’s GM of Platform. Franklin-who leads the company’s developer initiatives-brings a “combination of technical expertise and creativity to the CMO role.” According to Salesforce’s website, Franklin has also focused on making careers in science and technology more accessible to women and minorities and in 2014 launched Trailhead, a learning platform that now has more than 2.5 million users.

“Change is constant, and our biggest leaps of growth are with change,” Buscemi wrote in a tweet this afternoon. “After 6.5+ years, I’ve decided to leave @Salesforce for the next phase of my journey.”

After joining Salesforce in 2014 as SVP of marketing for the company’s Analytics Cloud, Buscemi held a number of other roles including COO of Analytics Cloud and EVP of product and solutions marketing before becoming EVP and CMO in 2018. As CMO, Buscemi led the company’s team of 1,700 marketers and was named by Forbes as one of the World’s Most Influential CMOs in 2020.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Buscemi helped transform Salesforce’s large events strategy from being focused on in-person events to virtual versions. And in May, she helped unveil, which features a variety of technology solutions-including those to help with contact tracing and employee management-for companies navigating the changing world.

In an interview about how the company is adapting amid the Covid-19 crisis, Buscemi said the virtual events allowed Salesforce to reach tens of thousands more people than they would have with an in-person event.

“I think it would be tone deaf right now to have marketing be business as usual,” she said in May. “It’s not business as usual. So talking to customers about enables us as marketers to be more relevant.”

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