Account and Contacts

As soon as the customer accepts the quotation, you can start the documentation process and convert the lead. Lead conversion is a process of closing the lead and forming account, contact, and opportunity based on the lead. The lead conversion process is simple in Salesforce. You can select which lead field will correspond to which field on account, contact, or opportunity and mark them in conversion setup to appear after conversion. All the fields related to person will be captured on account object and fields related to contact information of the person will be captured on contact.

Account and contact management is the heart of Salesforce CRM. Since the account consists of personal details of the customer and contacts consist of customers’ communication details, it is imperative to record the data in Salesforce and set its visibility wisely. An account is generally the parent of all the objects and hence all the objects are directly or indirectly related to an account. Person accounts and company accounts are categories of accounts in Salesforce.


For example, Fields like age, weight, existing loans, net monthly income, and others will be captured on accounts, and fields like email id, mobile number, residential details, etc. will be captured on contact.

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