Salesforce Debug Logs & Schema Explorer Chrome Extension

We present you a suite of tools like Debug log viewer, Schema Browser, and Event Data Monitoring. Are you having trouble building SOQL queries with all Salesforce objects? Now, with our help, you can smoothly build SOQL queries, and easily view debug logs. We never ask for any passwords, the chrome extension works directly from the currently logged in Salesforce browser tab
Did we mention that there is a new way of completing these tedious admin/developer tasks in just a few clicks!

Overview of


Salesforce Debug Logs & Schema Explorer

  1. View debug logs in Salesforce Setup area or Developer Console?
  2. It also may take so long to explore Salesforce Schema, SObject relationships, API Names of various Salesforce SObjects
  3. How can we forget – The slow pace of Downloading Salesforce Event Logs for various system events (detailed list below).

As a Salesforce developer, It may be a hassle to wait for so long or there are chances that you may absolutely hate the inconvenience of how long does it take to:

This Chrome extension for Salesforce is an attempt to make this use case simple, by making Salesforce debug logs visible in minimum clicks, without leaving your current Salesforce tab.

  1. Picture of a hierarchical view of Salesforce debug logs, which are better to analyze and helps you get better insights.
  2. Ability to set logging level or trace-flags in Salesforce for any users or apex code without too many clicks or navigation
  3. Tracking of logs for multiple Salesforce users in the same windows, as different tabs.
  4. Way to explore up to 5 levels of Salesforce relationships in parent objects, and query child relationships via clicks, without any requirement to remember API Names of Salesforce’s Object or field or relationship names.
    Here’s the crystal clear video on exploring Salesforce multi-level parent and child relationships/objects
    Support Salesforce 50+ API Events for reporting.

With this you get a better:

We can’t wait for you to try this extension and see how it helps you. If you have any feedback or questions feel free to get in touch with us in the comments down below. GET IT NOW HERE!!

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