Salesforce has donated a total of $18 million to support Bay Area schools in advance of the new school year, which begins this month.


With the contribution, the company said it hopes to support teachers and help close the digital technology divide amid the pandemic. While parents and children are expected to embrace remote learning, many students don’t own a computer or have internet access. Shutting down schools amid the COVID-19 pandemic has disproportionately impacted vulnerable populations.

Nine million will support the San Francisco Unified School District, building on existing programs that aim to improve student outcomes and opportunities. Another $9 million will support middle school students and educators in the Oakland Unified School District, with unique support for Newcomers – unaccompanied immigrant youth, refugees and asylum seekers.

Support for schools from the tech giant isn’t uncommon. It’s the eighth year that the company will contribute to SFUSD and the fifth …

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