By: Jon Fee and Devi Thomas, Remote Workers and Parents of School-Aged Children

“Should they stay or should they go now?
If they go, there will be trouble
And if they stay it will be double (not necessarily)
So come on and let me know…” You know the rest. This seems to be the conversation every parent, teacher, and student is having these days. It’s not an easy conversation. As the song goes, there are problems in every direction.


We’ve spent a lot of time discussing “the what.” What is it about going back to school or back to campus that we are trying to fix, help, replicate at home? Defining “the what” is not easy and it’s unique to every student. Teachers know this. Parents like us are learning.

School is the sum of its parts. Many parts are tangible. Many are not. A school also benefits from a vast network of other schools, sharing best practices and modern approaches.

Our education community at is giving us new insights into the nuances of the c…

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