The face of retail has changed. With more and more shops going online, ecommerce is booming, and customer expectations have gone through the roof. It’s not good enough to just have amazing products at great prices, the shopping – and delivery – experience is just as important to the modern consumer.

Luckily for retailers, Irish scale-up was founded to streamline online shipping and delivery, helping them to find the right carriers, providing customers with real time tracking and reporting, and supporting the process every step of the way.


“If you’re not disrupting the market, you’re lagging behind or copying everyone. I founded Scurri to redefine the future of online shipping, and with Salesforce we can put customers at the heart of operations,” said Rory O’Connor, CEO and Founder.

And Scurri has certainly hit a sweet spot in the market. The company is flourishing despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Brexit, and was even ranked as a top 50 global retail tech scale-up in RWRC’s 2020 & 2021 Discovery reports.

“We’re proud to have a 93% customer satisfaction rating and +63 for NPS,” commented O’Connor. “We even hit a +100 NPS rating following Brexit and unlocking greater visibility and accountability with Salesforce was a key factor in that success.”

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