If you continue to do what you’ve always done – you’ll get the same results.

That’s why it’s so important to refine and reset your job search strategies.


We live in a very different world today which means that things have changed since you started your job search or last looked for a job.

I know there’s a lot of advice on the internet. And honestly, a lot of it is clickbait stuff to sell services. Often, the information isn’t all that great.

That’s one reason I created Summary Sunday – to help you discover legit help.

In this week’s summary you’ll find:

  • Upcoming webinars from Jobscan.co
  • Why it’s time to rename the hidden job market
  • Employee Referral Programs
  • Social Media Job Search
  • Defining your UVP
  • Create CALM
  • How to Upskill

I hope you’ll discover new experts to follow and learn from in this week’s articles.


NO FEAR JOB SEARCH = 2nd annual webinar series for job seekers | Jobscan

Here are no-cost webinars for you by well-known job search experts! Topics include the usual – and mine is on job search after 50!

  • Resume building
  • Interviewing
  • Making a career change
  • Using LinkedIn to standout
  • How to Negotiate your next job offer

See all the webinars and register here

Is It Time To Rename The Hidden Job Market? | Dorothy Dalton

You’ve heard the term but what does it really mean? It’s not used to stoke fear and panic into job seekers. The term is supposed to help you understand why a diversified job search is important. So do you think it’s time to rename it?

What Are Employee Referral Programs? | The Balance Careers

If you don’t understand how employee referral programs work, you should. It’s one more reason for you to have conversations with company insiders. Learn all about them!


A Social Media Job Search | #GetHired

Andrew Seaman, a LinkedIn Editor compiled these articles and talks with Jonathan Javier (Wonsulting) about using social media for job search.


Defining Your Unique Value Proposition | John Tarnoff

Too often, job seekers create a laundry list of what they’ve done instead of explaining how they did it. Tarnoff summarizes:

Your unique value proposition sums up the unique way that you approach your roles and responsibilities. It encapsulates the results and the usefulness of what you deliver.

Go define your UVP (unique value proposition)!


Create CALM and Carry On | Career Thought Leaders

Marie Zimenoff hosts brain-based coach, Susan Britton and they talk about how to use CALM to help you achieve your goals during challenging times.

12 Practical Ways to Upskill And Stay Relevant | 3Plus International

“Staying in touch with current trends from a place of continuous learning is something we all need to be doing on an ongoing basis. Here are 12 practical ways upskill to stay relevant.”


17 Signs Of A Toxic Work Environment (Plus What To Do)

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