• Technology sales and marketing reps, managers, and executives in California play critical roles for major tech giants as they often create the message used in other countries, according to IDC president Crawford Del Prete: “Tech sales and marketers in California are the Olympians of the field,” he told Business Insider.
  • It’s not surprising that they are also among the most highly paid in the industry based on 2020 H-1B data on salaries paid to foreign hires for sales and marketing roles.
  • For example, Oracle hired an internet sales consulting senior manager with a salary of $198,000 while Salesforce hired a vice president of technical product marketing with a salary of $228,000.
  • Here’s how much Oracle, Salesforce, Google, Cisco, and VMware pay new hires in sales and marketing jobs in California, based on disclosure data for permanent and temporary workers filed with the US Office of Foreign Labor Certification in 2020.
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California has been the center of the enterprise tech world for decades, home to some of the industry’s most dominant players like Google, Oracle, and Salesforce.

While these tech giants operate globally, the way they approach the industry and the market is still shaped by strategies and practices that emerge from their California headquarters, mostly in Silicon Valley.

And this particularly true for sales and marketing.

“Tech sales and marketers in California are the Olympians of the field,” IDC president Crawford Del Prete told Business Insider. “Many times, in terms of marketing, they are the women and men that create the messaging that gets used all around the world.”

California-based sales teams also are “often the test-bed for new and evolving value proposition selling,” he added. “They are often selling to other tech buyers, so they have to be on top of their game.”

Tech companies invest heavily in their sales and marketing teams, and even bring in talent from overseas to work in their California HQs.

Business Insider analyzed the US Office of Foreign Labor Certification’s 2020 disclosure data for permanent and temporary foreign workers to find out what five major enterprise-tech giants – Oracle, Google, Salesforce, Cisco, VMware – pay talent in sales and marketing roles in California.

Companies are required to disclose information, such as salary ranges, when they hire foreign workers under the H-1B visa program, giving insight into what these major companies are willing to shell out for talent.

This data comes with some caveats: For some positions, the companies gave only a salary range, rather than a specific figure. And the data included here may not give a complete picture of any given employee’s compensation package, which could also include cash or stock bonuses. Still, the disclosure data gives a rare look into the sales and marketing wages paid by these tech giants in California.

Here’s how much these top enterprise technology companies paid sales and marketing employees hired in California in 2020:

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