5 min read | Feb 14, 2015

“With Facebook and Twitter the number of people that we can listen to is increasing, while the number of people that we actually listen to is becoming smaller.” – Dale Carnegie – “How to Win Friends and Influence People in the Digital Age”


Do you know how to truly listen?

If you answered no, then this session is a MUST.

Active listening is a critical success factor to selling and obtaining coaching success. To be a great coach and obtain clients with ease, you must always be listening to what a client is saying, as well as what they aren’t.

In today’s busy and competitive world, truly listening has become a thing of the past. We ask shallow questions, and while they are being answered we think of the next profound thing to say. Of course that’s if we are not also checking our phone for emails, social media updates, and that call we have been waiting for all day.

In this session of Better Business Coach Podcast I discuss the importance of active listening…

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