Sales representatives are always on the run. Apart from their duty, they also need to take care of marketing material, records, sales pitches, expenses, and time. Managing so many things and still being productive can be challenging.

Technology has created a digital space for sales reps, small businesses, and freelancers. Applications now assist with territory management, lead generation, meetings, and more. Here are a few tools that can help sales reps be more productive:


1. Spotio Territory Manager

Spotio is a sales-centric platform. With its applications, you can manage and track sales representatives’ activities. The Spotio Territory Manager helps in drawing maps, assigning territories, and creating boundaries. It helps to decide where your sales representative will go to follow a lead. It also helps in assuring that the locations don’t overlap.

You can also create permission hierarchies and privatize lead visibility. It will allow only managers to see the lead description and whom they permit to see it. Spotio Territory Manager shows analysis and graphs for your business and sales. It provides insights into the working leads and helps to make strategic decisions.

Spotio also offers other applications helpful for sales like Task Automation, Multi-channel communication, and CRM integration. They allow you to make templates for calls, texts, and emails. They also help in CRM data capture, location tracking, lead generation, file sharing, and online collaboration.

The Spotio Territory Manager is available on iOS and Android. The subscriptions range from $39 to $129 per month.

2. Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud is a group of business management applications offered by SalesForce. The opportunity management software helps in observing the customer’s activities for future sales. You can also analyze products for future investments.

Tracking product rates, quoted prices, and quantities are more manageable with Sales Cloud. You can see the competitor’s growth and share its information with your team.

The Sales Contact Management Software manages your customer’s contact. You can save crucial details about your customers and access them at any time. You can also chat or schedule meeting with your team or customers. It also shows the contact history.

The Lead Management Software lets you route and assigns to sales reps. It also shows you the ongoing marketing campaigns and enables you to track them. Lead management is vital as it ensures no leads go missing from the representatives.

In addition, the application has Dashboards, Sales Forecasts, Email Integration, File Sharing, and Sync. The Sales Cloud subscriptions range from $25 to $300 per month.

3. is a calendar application. It lets you track tasks, set reminders, and fix schedules. It has a simple UI and all your tasks list on the home screen itself. You can also create sub-tasks under tasks.

Sales reps can use it to break their major tasks into smaller tasks and schedule meetings. Suppose you’re not a big fan of technology, will help you a lot. You won’t waste much time and energy in understanding the features and interface.’s Moment feature is helpful in re-scheduling tasks. You will get prompts on your said time, and it will ask you whether to re-schedule or not. It is pretty neat for sales reps as meetings are re-scheduled from time to time.

A playful feature is its Focus mode. You can set a time interval in which you want no disturbance. A tree appears on the screen for the said time; it grows as you go on focusing.

Every time you pick up your phone to enter other apps between the focus interval, the tree stops growing. With each tree, you raise a forest, which you can see by tapping on the tree.

It is an excellent quick-focus app if you want to prepare for a meeting or a discussion. You can access through Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, as well as Chrome (extension).

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4. Expensify

Expensify is an expense tracker. It is helpful for corporates, small businesses, and even individuals. Expenses are the most unnecessary burden for a sales representative.

With Expensify, you can track both your company’s and your personal expenses. You can also import your credit card and track its costs. Expensify lets you audit reports and approves expenses on different levels. You can even track your taxes with it.

The most time-saving feature is its Receipt Scanning. You can scan a receipt and upload it to the cloud. The scanning is so accurate that it can even read scribbled text (which is the case with hand-written receipts). You can even categorize your expenses like ‘Hotel meals,’ ‘Room stay,’ and so on.

Other apps use Google Maps to track expenses (from A to B), but Expensify uses odometer readings, typed-in distances, or GPS to determine how far you traveled. Therefore, if you take the extra mile to avoid traffic, you won’t have to worry about emptying your pockets.

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5. Dropbox

Dropbox is an essential collaboration tool used by businesses worldwide. It lets you collaborate, share, sign, and save documents. Sales reps make use of Dropbox by sharing contracts, plans, bills, and marketing materials.

Dropbox lets you edit the documents on its platform, so you don’t have to download the documents and switch apps. Dropbox allows to make a folder and share it with teams and clients. It makes document management easy and productive.

You can streamline sales with Dropbox Business. It also integrates with SalesForce, DocuSign, etc., so sales reps have all the solutions in one platform.

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What’s More in Store for You?

The idea of handling your business using paperwork is long gone. The more software you know, the more productive you’ll be. Many apps can help you win leads, impress clients, and even track your progress.

These applications are also helpful to freelancers and small business owners. Essentially, a tech-savvy individual is not a person who is dependent upon others. You can track time, collaborate, invoice, and be productive with the help of technology.


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