B2B marketers and sales teams can get a better pulse on which prospects are ready to engage through a free Salesforce Connector

Today tech marketers and sales teams have a new secret weapon to drive revenue: downstream intent data, which identifies buyers with the strongest intent to make a purchase.

TrustRadius is proud to announce the launch of a free Salesforce Connector, which empowers tech marketers to take powerful downstream intent signals generated on trustradius.com straight into Salesforce and into the hands of their sales teams.


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“Buyer intent data is not new,” says TrustRadius Founder and CEO Vinay Bhagat. “Companies like Bombora and 6sense have been providing marketers with 3rd party intent data for years. But now marketers and sales teams can tap into downstream intent data-a new category of data that reveals purchase signals further down the buying journey. With the free Salesforce Connector from TrustRadius, marketers and sales professionals are empowered to boost their account-based marketing efforts with higher-quality intent signals.”

Downstream intent signals come from 2nd party sources, including review platforms like TrustRadius. Buyers on trustradius.com are looking for a solution to their needs. They’re taking specific actions such as reading reviews, comparing products, exploring pricing data, and adding products to their short lists-all of which are some of the strongest signals for intent to buy.

“Focusing on high intent buyers is the opportunity for us to not only be efficient on the marketing side for a good ROI, but also an opportunity to properly service an audience that we understand well,” says Thomas Been, CMO at Druva-a SaaS based data protection and management leader.

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Intent data is only helpful when it can be turned into insights at the right place and the right time. Here are some of the best ways to operationalize downstream intent data:

1. Pipe insights into a system like Salesforce where your team already operates. The TrustRadius Connector is a new free way to do this.

2. Combine downstream intent data with top-funnel intent data sources and signal data from your own web properties to build precise predictive models

3. Add downstream intent data into platforms like 6sense and Demandbase to begin building a more complete picture of your buying community.

The TrustRadius Salesforce Connector is now available for free on the Salesforce AppExchange. Use it to take advantage of the powerful downstream intent data signals that TrustRadius offers.

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