InGenius® with Salesforce® High Velocity Sales gives inside sales, sales development and business development teams the tools they need to optimize processes. By integrating the voice channel into High Velocity Sales, InGenius helps reps close more opportunities quickly, by enhancing sales productivity directly within their Salesforce Lightning window.

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InGenius helps inside sales, sales development and business development teams close more deals faster, by enhancing their productivity in Salesforce High Velocity Sales. The InGenius interface sits inside the Salesforce Lightning window and speeds up the sales process by integrating the voice channel.


This is Jen. She’s a sales manager at Zap Electric. She’s just assigned a batch of leads to a Sales Cadence for her team, and built a series of steps to be completed for each of these leads in the Sales Cadence Builder.

This is James. He’s a rep on Jen’s sales team at Zap Electric. He’s just received his queue of leads. For every call, James uses InGenius click-to-dial to make fast connections, saving him from manual dialing and misdials. He also uses InGenius to automatically log calls, enabling lower call handling time and accurate call reports.

With High Velocity Sales and InGenius, if a call is successful, the lead is moved to the next step of the Sales Cadence. If the call result is unsuccessful, the lead is filtered through the appropriate Sales Cadence branch. For example, if a customer is not available for a phone call, they’re moved along the appropriate branch of the Sales Cadence, and James will be prompted to leave a voicemail before following up again in a few days.

InGenius with Salesforce High Velocity Sales gives sales teams the tools they need to optimize processes. For more information, visit us today at

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