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Salesforce has proven its dominance over the CRM market in the last two decades. It has become the first choice of many businesses to launch their products and services to customers. The AppExchange accommodates more than 3,500 apps and has already crossed 9 million downloads. If you’re an ISV stumbling across the Salesforce universe for the first time, you will certainly have questions about how worth it is to be a Salesforce ISV partner. But before walking away from this behemoth thinking it’s not your cup of tea, let us tell you what you will be missing out on if you are not on Salesforce.


A Super Scalable Platform

Salesforce has outgrown its peers due to its extreme scalability capabilities. No matter what size your team is, Salesforce can easily accommodate your team with its licensing tiers starting from Enterprise plan. Likewise as your business grows you can move to other licensing plans . Imagine if it’s the other way around. As your business grows and your customers increase, your existing platform ages and cannot address the growing expectations anymore. It will be too late to do any tweaks and you will have no option than to move away from the existing CRM. The Salesforce feature set is splendidly arranged to make sure the customer experience remains top-notch no matter how big your customer base is. Unless you have plans to remain the same as you were, it’s best you choose Salesforce as your battleground.

Proven Methodologies to Accelerate Speed to Market

If we haven’t said this enough – speed to market is everything. It significantly defines the success of your product and business. If you want to prove yourself as an ISV leader in your industry and improve customer acquisition, retention and experience, you must be able to bring innovative products at the right time.

76% of IT leaders say that speed of application or project delivery is a very important KPI, and 67% of IT leaders say that improving the speed of development cycles is a high priority. But only 45% of IT leaders can design/prototype an app as per business requirements in under a month, and just 47% can deploy an app in under a month.

So unless you have a powerful platform that empowers you to build products ahead of time, you will see your market ranking being overtaken by other agile businesses. Salesforce’s clicks-not-code solution can easily decrease this development turnaround time. This drag and drop solution will help you plan, build, test and publish all within one platform. So when you’re moving away from Salesforce, remember that your chance to be a trailblazer is becoming slim.

A Shield From all Security Threats

We’ve seen many ISVs initially hesitant to choose Salesforce as their platform simply being ‘Cloud’. Like how secure is data in a cloud space is all they have on their mind!

Let’s debunk this for you.

Salesforce is extremely adamant about the quality of products and services they deliver. This is one of the pivotal reasons why they have gained so much traction among their worldwide customer base. It leverages the most advanced technology to instill security. Every inch of the platform is future-proofed against security threats and has the best disaster recovery methodologies that any platform can offer you. To start with, Salesforce meets several compliance certifications which includes ISO 27001/27018,SOC 2, SOC 3, PCI-DSS, Safe Harbor etc. You can check out Salesforce’s comprehensive list of compliance certifications .

Salesforce prohibits themselves from accessing any customer related information in their clauses except when there is a technical issue that needs to be resolved. As Salesforce is a multi-tenant platform, it gives a unique identifier to its users which helps them cost-efficiently secure their sensitive data and other resources.

Salesforce’s built- in features like multi- factor authentication and encryption methods guarantee that your data is in safe hands. As an ISV, you should always choose a platform that has built-in security and trust all around your product while increasing customer experience. Settling for anything less than Salesforce is like leaving your door open for an imminent burglary while you are gone for a day.

An Entry to the Most Powerful Ecosystem

Salesforce takes pride in its ecosystem and rightfully so. It has become a standalone economy on its own comprising thousands of Salesforce enthusiasts, third party vendors, partners and customers who are part of Salesforce’s mission to create innovative solutions that cater to the needs of every industry.

Salesforce has created $1.2 trillion of new business revenues, 4.2 million new jobs, and the ecosystem revenues are predicted to grow almost 6 times larger than Salesforce itself by 2024 .

Salesforce welcomes ISVs with open arms and provides exclusive programs to support their technical needs. You would not find a more welcoming Ohana. Once you make a decision to be part of the community, they will make sure that you get the right resources to reach your goal. The Salesforce IdeaExchange provides a great opportunity to meet other community members and share your novel ideas.

Salesforce AppExchange which is the #1 enterprise app marketplace provides you the best launch experience as opposed to its contemporaries. At least of Salesforce customers, from small businesses to enterprise companies have installed at least one app from the AppExchange. There have been more than 9 million downloads as of August 2021. And it isn’t limited to products. This marketplace presents you with top Salesforce consulting professionals that will help you with the entire process of app launch.

You can choose any other platform stating number of reasons, but none can provide you the power of this ever expanding ecosystem.


Have more questions to ask? If you’re still hesitant on considering Salesforce as your development platform we are here to help. All you have to do is to get in touch with our expert Salesforce consultants.


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