Businesses are welcoming employees back and implementing new ways to keep people healthy. Daily screenings and health monitoring will become the norm. Reconfigured workspaces and communal areas will facilitate social distancing and slow the spread of COVID-19. And better communications will ensure everyone feels safe and supported in the new environment. However, to do all this, employers face complicated challenges in unknown territory.

I serve as Chief Information Officer for Paladina Health. Recently, we developed an innovative return-to-work solution for many of our clients.


Paladina Health provides employer-sponsored healthcare. With over 120 clinics and 180 providers, we deliver comprehensive primary care services to our clients, including more than 140 employers and their 180,000 members across 22 states. As clients started asking for our support, we were able to use our existing healthcare platform to develop a ground-up return-to-work solution in less than three weeks. This …

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